International Perspectives

The UK sector in general and individual institutions in particular may be able to learn from other countries, and over the past ten plus years we have been involved in a number of international projects and comparative studies. We believe our work here both broadens and deepens our understanding of the UK's higher education system, and allows us to question assumptions, identify new approaches and assess practice in relation to an international context. Where appropriate we are therefore able to employ a comparative perspective in each of our areas of expertise.

Relevant publications

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Relevant activities

Liz has undertaken international work for many years. She was a member of the executive committee of the European Access Network for seven years and was the international member of the Advisory Group for the Pell Institute in the US. She led an international comparative study of ten countries in 2001-3, and recently contributed to the international review of widening participation for the Higher Education Funding Council in England.

In 2012 Liz delivered the keynote address at the First Year in Higher Education conference in Brisbane, and presented a paper on community engagement at the Educational Policy Institute conference in Orlando.