Student experiences of independent learning

Information for students

 We're conducting a UK-wide research study in partnership with the NUS on independent learning in higher education. The study will be looking at what students such as you think about all of the learning that you do when you're not in lectures, seminars or classes: when you're working on course-work, doing assignments, reading in the library, and all of those other things you do in your course when you're not being directly taught by someone. Finding out what people like you think about this will help improve students' experience of higher education.

We are very keen to hear about your views and experiences. And if you take part we will give you a payment of £30 in total to show our appreciation.Before you can begin - and receive your first payment - you need to complete the on-line registration form . It's easy to do and should only take a few minutes.

More information about the project is available here and you can watch a short video about the project here

A sample diary can be viewed here.

Thank you very much: we really hope you'll agree to get involved in this study.